Precious Metal Sources

Whilst we pride ourselves on our ability to cost-effectively recover precious metals from almost any source, the core industries from which we recover precious metals are as follows:


Over 70% of all Global demand for gold is from the jewellery trade and after almost 250 years, this industry still remains the most prolific of our refining sources. We deal with all forms of precious metal waste from the jewellery industry, from clean hallmarked scrap and lemels, right through to large, low grade sweeps and hand-wash tanks. We even go as far as recovering the metal from old carpets and floorboards in old workshops.


With the acquisition of Charles Booth Ltd in 2002, dental scrap is an increasingly important source of refining for the Group. We purchase used platinum foil and offer a full recovery service for all precious metal scrap & dental sweeps.


Photographic processes have always used silver (in traditional film, bleach fixers, developers and digital photographic processes) , and our huge smelting and film washing capacity means that we can work with the very largest producers, right down to the smallest mini-labs. Due to the other chemicals involved in photographic processes, this waste is usually dealt with though our fully licensed subsidiary Betts Envirometal.


Gold’s chemical and physical properties, such as resistance to corrosion and malleability, make it suitable for a broad spectrum of industrial applications. We have the technical ability to extract gold and other precious metals from almost any industrial source, so please contact us on 0121 233 2413 to discuss your requirements. Examples of industrial sources from which we regularly recover precious metals include electronic circuits and plated components, ceramic applications, stone masonry, medical applications, precious metal bearing acid and cyanide solutions and wastes from the aerospace industry.

Primary Sources

Over recent years we have regularly purchased and refined alluvial gold from all over Africa and the world. We are experts in all international trade mechanisms and payment systems and are always keen to explore new international opportunities.

We are also heavily involved in resource exploration.

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