Precious Metal Recovery

History of Integrity

With the family business founded in 1760, the Betts family has specialised in the recovery and refining of precious metals for a quarter of a millennium. Throughout this period, we have remained independent, committed to technical innovation, ethical practices and, above all to creating close, long-term relationships with our customers.

We are still committed to understanding and satisfying our customers’ needs, and much of our business today comes from companies with whom we have developed lasting relationships – an endorsement of the value they place on our efficiency and the trust that they have in our integrity.


We assess the requirements of each customer on an individual basis and provide a complete strategy for the collection, reclamation and disposal of that customer’s waste. The strategy combines the most cost-effective methods with the best possible financial returns for the customer.

After processing at our refinery, the recovered materials are sampled and individually assayed. Customers are promptly informed of the value, based on the prevailing London market prices.

Although Stephen Betts & Sons operates in a highly competitive environment, there are several aspects of our service that, we believe, set us apart from other companies in this field:

  • Long history of efficiency and integrity
  • Free collection of waste by our own vehicles or free registered postal service
  • Fully integrated processes, where we retain full control at every stage
  • Quick, efficient assay and out turn
  • Prompt payment, either by cash or returned metals
  • Exemplary environmental and health & safety record

To arrange your refining collection or for a field rep to visit you, please contact us.

Factories & Technology

The Stephen Betts Group prides itself on being able to recover precious metals cheaply and efficiently from almost any source. Our state of the art factories in the West Midlands and Kent, combined with our highly experienced and adaptable workforce, allow us to deliver this today and will also enable us to embrace the technological advances of the future as and when they arise.

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