Stephen Betts & Sons

smelting precious metalsStephen Betts & Sons, the first of The Stephen Betts Group’s businesses to be established, specialises in the smelting and refining of precious metals. The company’s state of the art factory contains the latest in recovery equipment which makes possible the smelting and refining of lower grade wastes containing precious metals such as gold, silver, platinum and palladium.

The highly trained staff process the materials to ensure the highest possible recovery of precious metals. All recovered materials are sampled, individually assayed and the customer informed of the value in line with London market prices.

The reclaimed materials can be returned to the customer in the form of fine gold or silver, or we can alloy the material to customer’s requirements. Alternatively, we will offer to buy the material at the prevailing London market price and we are also happy to offer metal accounts.

Precious metals can be recovered from many different sources and processes. Whilst the main trades we service include jewellers, dentistry, silversmithing, photographic, potteries, electronics, glass silvering and bookbinders, we are equipped to recover precious metals from practically any source imaginable.